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The handguards go around the barrel of the AR-15. It is where you can place your to

add accessories, and grip your rifle. Handguards are also referred to as the forend, foregrip or

forearm. They protect your hands from burning on a hot barrel. Handguards come in different

sizes according to the gas system you choose for your AR-15—rifle, mid-length, and carbine

and pistol length handguards. When picking out the parts for your rifle, the gas tube will also

come in rifle, mid-length, carbine or pistol lengths. Whichever your gas tube is, buy that size

handguard. There are free float and standard handguards. Standard handguards will touch the

rifle’s barrel, while free-floating handguards will not. Free-floating handguards are more difficult

to install than standard, but you will get slightly better accuracy at longer distances using free

float handguards. They also are either smooth or have rails on them. Handguards serve a valid

function, however, many people buy them purely on their aesthetic value.

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